The marketing and distribution of the products was first started on a bicycle in the year 1970 and after fourteen years the company changed to marketing on mopeds. In the year 1986 the company brought Autorickshaws and in the year 1992 the company purchased Matadors for distribution. Now the company has more that 25 vehicles for distribution purpose and the network covers whole of South India and many parts of the North India too.

The company directly markets and has a very well-planned distribution network. All the leading distributors of South India deal with Koya's Perfumery Works' products. The Company has distributors in each and every taluk in Karnataka. The Company products have attained some sort of monopoly in the Karnataka market and are rapidly growing to establish the same in other states of the country like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Presently the company boasts of having hundreds of distributors across the country.